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Posted on Tue, May 22, 2012

Continuing the Conversation

Every year at the ASG Summit, The Great Conversation presents a 'State of the Industry' panel to discuss events that may lead to significant breakthroughs for the security industry stakeholders. (Watch video excerpts from the State of the Industry panel here)

This panel included:
1.    Steve Lasky, representing the world's largest Security Media Company, CygnusASG Security Summit
2.    William Plante, representing all-hazard risk and security integration services
3.    Jeffrey Slotnick, a leader in Risk and Resilience Consulting Services
The panel moderator, Ron Worman, started off quoting a survey from the Gartner Group that captured the top technology priorities that are aligned against the greatest concerns of CIOs.

The Top Business Imperatives were to:
1.    To contribute to and increase the value and growth of the business
2.    To attract and retain new clients
3.    To reduce enterprise costs
4.    And to assist the organization to innovate

The Top Technology Priorities to be able to respond to these imperatives were to:
1.    Drive analytics and business intelligence (from the proliferation of data; big data)
2.    Deliver mobile technologies (information to the edge)
3.    Deploy cloud computing (SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS)
4.    And deliver new collaboration technologies

Then, Worman asked the panel if these seemed to be similar to CSO's priorities.

The discussion led to a high level review of the processes that feed the information necessary to create a high performing risk and security operation including the technology necessary to optimize the people and processes within that operation.

As you watch this State of the Industry video, listen to Lasky remark on the increasing appetite for physical security intelligence from a growing IT audience; listen to Slotnick describe the need for a new level of collaboration to drive business value; and finally listen to Plante's version of the Value Stream in Security and the comments from the rest of the panel. Very enlightening. To learn more about the Value Stream of Security, download this informative white paper.

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