Your market and your mission should be secured and enabled by security. ASG is not just an advisor; we reduce costs and drive innovation so you can compete at a different level.


ASG is known as the premier independent provider of risk, resilience, and security solutions. We help you mitigate risk, ensure organizational resilience, increase the level of innovation while decreasing costs, and at the same time, accelerate the value of your organization. We strive to understand the mission of your organization and the dynamics of your market and apply security to meet your unique needs.

Building on a strong reputation for security technology, engineering, project management, and service – ASG provides security expertise to premier organizations in our core vertical markets of state and local government, healthcare, critical infrastructure, transportation, and education – as well as business offices and campuses on a regional, national, and global level.

Through our experience of over 50 years and a growing client base, we have developed a methodology that ensures your security solution aligns with your business, risk, and value drivers. We work with you to provide a scalable solution and long term strategy that aligns with critical requirements, budgeting concerns, and the available resources of your organization.

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Security is now associated with business continuity and resilience. Security has become integral to the business. At the same time, the technology has become more complex creating the need for new processes and roles within the company. The role of 'advisor' becomes crucial. ASG benchmarks the emerging technologies, provides the means to measure the performance of technology over time as well as its impact on your people and processes. In the end, we want to free you up to focus on the business of security and its value to your organization.