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Welcome to the ASG Security Summit & Expo: The 'Great Conversation'



How do you eat an elephant?

Answer: One bite at a time..

A 2020 Roadmap that engages an entire market ecosystem, Security, toward a deployment model that makes that roadmap possible is a big elephant. But that is exactly what we will be initiating this year.

In this conversation, we will be introducing you to the thought leaders and industry influencers that are helping to shape how security is defined and deployed over the next decade. From our State Government Executives, to our technology leaders, to our practitioners and more:  this is a ‘conversation' or blog, that will enable you to participate by asking questions, agreeing or disagreeing, and, most importantly, help us shape the conversation as we move toward the March 9, 2010 ASG Summit and Expo, and forward after the Summit.

This year, up to 300 security executives and professionals will have the opportunity to be on-hand at the Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle, WA and thousands more around the world via the web to hear key note speakers such as:

  • Francis D'Addario, author, ex-CSO of Starbucks, executive faculty member of the Security Executive Council and a 2020 thought leader
  • Ed Bacco, executive security leader for and a proponent of Security Optimization
  • Rob McKenna, the Attorney General of the State of Washington
  • And a Panel of thought leaders at the end of the Summit that will summarize the Summit and pre-Summit Blog findings engaging the participants in a call to action through 2010.

We will be interviewing each one in this summit conversation.

As you know, there will also be ‘conversations' going on inside the case study breakout sessions as well as with the technology leaders exhibiting on the floor. We will be attempting to capture as much of it as we can so that we can move our industry forward intentionally.  With that in mind, we will be initiating interviews with all of them, the executives of public and private organizations who will share the good, bad and the ugly around their implementations, the key technology sponsors who will share their roadmaps and, of course, you.

We need a roadmap as well as a vehicle each one of us can use to get to our destination. At the end of the day, a trusted fabric must emerge to face the challenges and opportunities of this time. We hope to assist you all in that effort.

Our next conversation posting will be with Francis D'Addario this year's opening speaker at the ASG Summit. If you have any questions for him after reading his biography or after reading his book, please feel free to post them here. We look forward to your voice being heard.


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