Why is SRMS Important to the Security Industry?

According to many studies, security executives have very little time for aggregating knowledge around the local and global risk picture. As well, they have the same challenge with staying current with best practices and standards in their profession. Finally, like their business counterparts, they must leverage subject matter experts to help research and assess new technology that may impact their strategy and their practices.

Additionally, Organizational Resilience Management (ORM) Standards are evolving. The definition of ORM has been dependent on the experience of risk, resilience, and security professionals across several domains such as business continuity, emergency management, physical and logical security. They are challenged in assisting security executives because of the difficulty in how to introduce change across key management disciplines.

Change is difficult for most organizations, especially when confronted with new strategies that disrupt or evolve old behaviors. However, the strategy breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So the question ASG posed is: How do you create a high performance culture, adaptable to change and innovation, while creating and leveraging a comprehensive all-hazards risk mitigation program that redefines how the risk ecosystem behaves?

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