Leveraging the Differences

The Great Conversation in Security featured a cross functional panel featuring a security executive, a lawyer, an HR executive and a security leader with a medical practitioner background. Although counter-intuitive, they told a story of different perspectives collaborating together to create a greater “sum of the parts”. You can read the whole blog at The Great Conversation in Security website. We feature the following nuggets of wisdom here:

  1. Diversity is the foundation of ideation and innovation. By intentionally identifying, including and listening to people from different experiences, cultural backgrounds, and racial or gender identities, we have the opportunity to expand our imagination and sharpen our ideas.

  2. Diversity demands empathy and care. If fostered, it strengthens the ties that bind us to one another.

  3. Diversity opens our eyes. It is the enemy of scotomas; the dysfunctional blindness of ignorance.

  4. Diversity leverages the differences in us. It does not fight them or critique them. It seeks to understand them.

So, as we left the conversation, each of us were thinking who is on my team and, more importantly, who is not. And what can I do about it?