Is Voice the Next Stage of your Security Program?

The following is an excerpt from an article in Security Magazine. The column is written by Phil Aronson, our President. It is called: The Corner Office. If you want to read the entire article follow the link at the end of this excerpt. 


I recently was interviewed by Security Magazine on intelligent communications. Before participating, I was intrigued by the questions we knew we would be asked:

  1. Why is it important to your client’s success, and your own, to integrate intelligent communications into your business?
  2. What are the keys to evaluating intelligent communications solutions?
  3. Why is it critical to leverage intelligent communications for situational awareness and actionable response into your security strategy, planning and deployment?

Like many consultants, integrators, specifiers and security executives, I find myself gravitating toward access control and video. Secure the perimeter. Provide situational awareness through video. Standard muscle memory for all of us.

But as we increasingly move toward building a holistic 360-degree platform to satisfy the true business and security needs, we realize we may not have fully appreciated the role of voice in the equation.

Have you noticed that consumer behavior can be the canary in the cage whispering to the security industry what the next big thing might be? If so, you have seen the digital assistants in people’s homes, cars and phones waiting for a prompt to fulfill our every need. Lights turn on, schedules are communicated, shopping lists are populated. Someone comes to our door, and we can not only see them from our mobile phone or tablet, we can talk to them as well.

Voice is the next killer app.

Read more in Security Magazine.