Ten Essential Conversations Facing the Security Ecosystem

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Our President, Phil Aronson writes a column for Security Magazine called "The Corner Office". His latest column was published February 1 and underlines the need for the security industry to have a "great conversation". Aronson Security Group (ASG) hosts The Great Conversation in Security March 5 & 6 in Seattle Washington. It is independently produced for executives in the risk, resilience and security industry. Here is a quick quote from the article followed by the first few paragraphs with a link to Security Magazine:

 "Managed Services will require the next generation integrator to leverage subject matter experts (SME) in Enterprise Security Risk Management to understand the “Why” – that is, the business process and measures of performance that are the foundation of a security program. This should be supported by SME in business analytics and information technology to support this effort. Finally, they will need access to a business operations center (a business oriented SOC or NOC) to provide 24/7 support. Are these insights valuable? Are they worthy of a conversation?"

Ten Essential Conversations Facing the Security Ecosystem

We are in preparation for an executive forum called The Great Conversation in Security.

I participate in many forums, but this one is special. It is the culmination of conversations we have had throughout the year, and those conversations seem to be taking on a level of urgency we have not seen in quite some time.

Here are some of the “front of mind” issues that senior security executives and the vendor ecosystem (consultants, integrators and technology providers) are wrestling with: 

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