Will Your Voice be Heard?


There are many opportunities to give back to our industry. Given the fact that we are intimately connected to our community, our organizations, and our country through our professional disciplines in risk, resilience, safety and security, we need to ensure that we are sharing our best practices and our failures. 

We are humbled by the leaders who willingly give back to their industry by attending The Great Conversation in Security forum that ASG hosts every year.

This year we have executives sharing their ideas and their experiences from the following market sectors:

  • Energy 
  • Data centers
  • Technology campuses
  • Consumer goods manufacturers
  • Education
  • Technology manufacturing
  • State and local government
  • Federal Government
  • Defense
  • Hospitals
  • Management Consulting (Insider Risk)
  • Non-Profit

We also have service and product organizations attending, sharing their perspectives on how to better serve the security executive as they pursue:

  • Holistic Risk Management practices 
  • A Value Proposition for the organization they serve
  • Business Process Optimization for how they organize their people, performing roles in a process
  • Technology expertise embedded in their overall risk assessments and road-maps
  • Innovations that radically change their approach to security in more valuable ways
  • Leadership and Organizational Strength practices 
  • Next Generation Security training and mentorship

We learn from the best of the best. The conversations we have had throughout the year all come together on March 5 & 6 on the waterfront in Seattle, Washington. Are you ready for a two-day immersion in the future of your security?

Join us.