On the Road to OSAC? See you at the Executive Summit Series


On Monday, November 12, at the Boeing Company in Arlington, VA, leading security executives will meet to discuss the future state of risk and security in a complex global environment at the Executive Summit Series.

The threats are dynamic. The technology is moving faster than our ability to understand or consume it, along with the risks and opportunities it provides. The vendor ecosystem seems ill-prepared to help. Change is a constant. Which means we need leadership, innovation and practical execution.

We are pleased to support this forum. We have known Lynn Mattice, one of the key founders of the Summit and a former CSO, for years and trust his judgement in selecting thought leaders and practitioners who can provide us critical insights that we can leverage in the here and now.

The agenda is stacked with lessons learned and guidance on critical aspects of the risk, resilience and security program.

And it is an excellent jump start to OSAC; The Overseas Security Advisory Council.  

We will move from the Executive Summit Series to the OSAC conference on Wednesday followed by the 6th Annual OSAC Appreciation Dinner hosted by The International Security Foundation (ISF).

Although Chatham House rules apply, we will do our best to provide you a summary of the insights we gather when we return.

Let us know if we can help you get connected!