Will Security Enterprises Survive the Digital Transformation?


The light at the end of the tunnel might be the oncoming train of the digital transformation of your business and your risk, resilience and security program. It appears as a light of promise, but it will hit you harder then you can even imagine if you do not get on board. Phil Aronson jump starts the conversation in January's column in Security Magazine and we will continue it at The Great Conversation in Security on March 5 & 6 in Seattle. 

Recently I listened to an old TED Talk delivered by Guy Kawasaki several years ago. Guy is the former chief evangelist of Apple and prolific author. He was talking about the impact of innovation and change. And he offered a stark perspective of companies that are operating within an industry that are blind to the technology advancements that will radically change their world. Rarely are they able to “jump the curve” to the next business model.

Our security industry is no different. Many of us are so busy doing what we do and how we do it that we either cannot see what is happening or believe we have enough time to react to it after we get through the next year or two.

A digital company transforms, it innovates and it displaces.

I have said before that a business leader’s main job is making decisions every day based on how they weigh the risk as well as the opportunity.

The opportunity is a personal transformation in the age of digital transformation. We must be able to learn (consume and understand information) differently. We must be able to understand and act (how we process and make decisions) differently. We must be able to redefine how our people perform roles in processes with machines. A new intelligence is being nurtured and is rapidly coming of age.

Our organizations are no different.

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