The SOC's Unique Role in Creating Organizational Value

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Andy Barclay is a Program Manager for Aronson Security Group (ASG). He is one of the key managers in the ASG Path to Value for managing our data center clients. He recently wrote an article that was published in Security Technology Executive and provided online by Security InfoWatch. 

We are publishing the first part of the article here and providing the link to the remainder for your convenience. It is a great primer for any organization looking to drive organizational value from their risk, resilience and security program. 

The SOC's Unique Role in Creating Organizational Value

The role of a Security Operations Center (SOC) is to persistently aggregate, assess, manage and measure information around people performing roles in key processes that impact the business using technology to provide real-time situational awareness and response as possible.  As well, it relies on accurate, intelligent, and actionable information to discover, detect, and respond to threats. So, at best, it provides operational business process intelligence and threat and risk intelligence.

To achieve that ideal state, organizations must adopt a process or methodology: A path to value

ASG, my company, created a methodology 15 years ago called the ASG Path to Value. It has been instrumental in creating value for our clients. It also has fueled corporate growth and influence in the risk, resilience and security market.

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