Great Conversations at ISC that may Inform ASIS 2017

Phil Aronson is featured monthly in Security Magazine with a column called "The Corner Office". The June column, below, featured his conversations at ISC West. We all agree we will be continuing the conversations at ASIS 2017 in September. Perhaps Mark Cuban, the ultimate shark, will be investing in companies pursuing these innovations. If you are interested in meeting with us, please send us a line at 

Great Conversations

My company hosted The Great Conversation in Security in March and quickly followed up with a trip to Las Vegas for ISC West 2017. I have assembled a list of conversations we had at both events. I think they will help to shape 2017-2018 for us and the industry.

Phil Aronson

The Power of the 360º Program. There is no question that vendors are moving quickly to create a holistic real-time visualization of the entire risk, resilience and security program from situational risk to continuous quality improvement through the management and measurement of key performance indicators. 

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