The Mind of the CSO

By Phil Aronson

Originally published in Security Magazine’s April Issue – The Corner Office

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I have been given the opportunity to be a member of a few security executive forums. These are trusted communities. It is understood that some information cannot be shared or, if shared, not attributed. I am honored and humbled to be a part of these leadership associations.

When you walk away from such meetings, you realize the world is very complex and not one of us in the room have all the answers. I also remind myself that although the world can be a frightening place, there is hope when people of integrity, vision and faith work together to make it safer for generations to come.

From these groups, I attempt to take the learnings and apply them to our clients, our employees and, ultimately to the strategic direction of my company. I know others are doing the same.

Here are some of the paths of knowledge I am taking because of these meetings to see a little farther down the road.

  • We must be a trusted advisor. But now trust is more than a relationship; it is a responsibility to build the competencies needed to construct a highly resilient and valuable risk mitigation program for our clients. This will include the security of security technology itself and the sustainable practices to keep it secure.

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