People: The Foundation for Digital Transformation


An event called Cloud+ produced by Security Systems News (SSN) was held this week in Austin, Texas. It promised attendees education sessions related to leveraging cloud technology, monetizing it and creating a more efficient operational infrastructure.

At the very end of the conference a panel discussed the real challenge: how to identify, hire, on-board and train the people that will be deploying emerging technology in and around the cloud.

This is a scenario that is being played out across North America. The physical security market is growing. The solutions are changing. The knowledge assets are changing. In some cases, the business model that consultants, integrators and technology vendors have been using for years, is changing.

If you are responsible for the current and future organizational strength of your business, which depends not only on competencies, but also how those competencies are leveraged within a disciplined, measurable process, then your opportunity and risk are great.

If you are also responsible for helping create a highly leveraged leadership culture that is adaptable to the oncoming changes that are occurring, then your value is immeasurable.

Margaret Soularie, the VP of Human Resources at Aronson Security Group (ASG) has all this responsibility and more as she helps lead ASG into the next generation of Security Risk Management Services (SRMS). She was on the Cloud+ panel along with two traditional systems integrators.

One integrator said they were being “pulled” into many IT concepts. Responding to this they have employed a mix of hiring IT people and training them in security, or training security people in IT.

Another integrator has organized around a Professional Services Group that supports existing sales and project efforts.

As an SRMS provider, ASG believes combining strategic executive resources around risk assessment and program development with business process and IT expertise provides the foundation for innovative breakthroughs in security program performance.

“The Cloud+ conference speakers and attendees reinforced our belief in the need for a new category of services that is represented by the term Security Risk Management Services (SRMS)”, said Margaret. “We are not tasked with ‘filling headcount’. We are tasked with building a foundation for innovation and change within our own company and with our clients. This calls for a fundamentally different approach to hiring, onboarding and developing our people. Digital transformation requires cultural transformation.”