ASG is Honored by a Technology Vendor: What does it Mean?


Aronson Security Group (ASG) is a Security Risk Management Services (SRMS) provider. We provide an independent and objective assessment of an organization's risk and program for managing it. We then apply strategy, planning and tools to create a path to value for our clients.

We are often asked how we can recommend and resell technology and still remain objective. 

Let's start with a basic premise. In today's dynamically changing world, if you are contracted to provide security risk assessments, security process optimization strategies or breakthrough innovations in how you manage the data you are acquiring from human and technology sources, and you don't have a technology background, then you better find a partner who does. Technology disrupts the status quo. And you don't want a strategic plan that rests on the way things have always been done.

Then, if you do have that domain expertise, and you choose to re-sell the technology you recommend, how do you remain objective?

At ASG, we have a process for vetting new technology. When we are at our best, this technology vetting is applied against use cases in the markets we choose to engage. In many cases we choose multiple vendors within a category such as video surveillance or access control. But we know where each of these technologies excel, we know their weaknesses and we attempt to know their future technology road-maps. This is then applied as guidance to our clients.

By choosing to re-sell, deploy, and manage the performance of these technologies, we continue to advance our knowledge of their unique capabilities and performance track record including the IT mandate for high availability, reliability, maintainability and, more important than ever, cyber defensibility. This allows us to apply the lessons learned to future client engagements.

Every year, based on these client engagements, we invariably help them invest in one or more technology vendors. The vendors track these sales and want to demonstrate their appreciation to us. We choose to accept this appreciation in our terms: ASG provides the rigor and discipline to understand how each technology vendor best serves their clients. 

With that as a background, we appreciate receiving the Axis Gold Partner of The Year Award from Axis Communications at its 12th annual Axis Connect & Converge Conference (ACCC) held in Seattle, Washington. Axis presented the annual awards to top channel, software and technology partners as well as distributors.  

According to Axis, ASG received this honor for its exemplary success in delivering innovative solutions to meet customer needs.

"Axis has been a good partner and vendor to our clients around the world", said Nigel Waterton, SVP of Corporate Strategy and Development. "We appreciate their commitment to sustaining their quality and performance throughout the years."