SSN Announces the Class of 2017 '20 under 40' Awards

Michael Lavway.png

Mike Lavway, Sr. Manager, Enterprise Security Risk Group (eSRG) was featured in the Security Systems News (SSN) “20 under 40” awards this month. 

Every year Security Systems News (SSN) receives a list of nominations for its “20 under 40” awards from the security system integrator community. Although Aronson Security Group, a Security Risk Management Services (SRMS) provider, considers system integration something we do, not who we are, we believe the award once again shows the depth of leadership that resides within our organization. 

According to SSN, the “20 under 40” Integrator Class of 2017 is full of outstanding young professionals that are really showing a passion for the industry and helping people.

Several of this year’s honorees discussed how rewarding a career in the industry is, with the benefit of making a positive impact in someone’s life. Additional, a couple of this year’s winners mentioned a benefit of bringing in outside experience.

SSN featured Lavway in a separate article. His role within ASG’s Enterprise Security Risk Group (eSRG), orchestrating the efforts of the other internal teams at ASG, while also providing security domain expertise was featured. “We (eSRG) are the connective tissue between the security program’s needs and the technology roadmap which enables it", said Lavway. "SRMS is all about leveraging the technology expertise with end-user experience upfront in the design of the security program with a focus on mitigating risk, creating organizational resilience and optimizing the deployment of security efforts. Ultimately, my job is to make sure we are delivering a quality security program instead of a system, while making sure the client’s needs are represented in the design and implementation.”

SSN also noted that Lavway assisted with the internal security function at ASG, including creating the program for travel safety for the company’s nearly 175 employees.

In terms of new and exciting technologies, Lavway sees great potential for machine learning. “Our whole security profession is based on detecting anomalies, and machine learning is an exciting way to optimize the efforts of all security practitioners,” he said.

SSN is very happy to recognize every winner in this year’s class and will honor all of its “20 under 40” honorees at a special reception during its TechSec Solutions conference, an event focused on new and emerging technologies in the physical security space. TechSec will be held in Delray Beach, Fla., Feb. 26 and 27, 2018.