Our Small City is Becoming a Smart, Secure, and Safe City

The town of Billerica, Massachusetts

The town of Billerica, Massachusetts

As a small municipality in the shadow of a big city, the Town of Billerica, Massachusetts shares the same concerns as cities of any size would recognize: a need to keep its residents and visitors safe while maintaining a welcoming environment.

To achieve this, the Billerica Police Department (BPD) believed it needed an upgrade to its analog camera system to register a better picture in case of an incident. This was a proactive measure since there had been no major incidents. According to the BPD, the need for cameras was twofold: to act as a deterrent and to serve as a forensic tool to solve crimes.

 Growing its system year over year, the BPD has now deployed cameras to a variety of locations over the town’s fiber network. The library, Town Hall and recreation areas are just a few of the spaces that now have coverage by Axis network cameras, helping officers to keep the peace and decrease response times to any incidents that may occur.

To process and use the footage, the BPD relies on Axis’ video management software to handle the needs of its current 37-camera deployment. Additionally, the team ripped out an old access control system to implement a new structure at both the BPD station and the Town Hall that brings the department full circle with a vendor-supported end-to-end solution.

The BPD has seen many positive developments along the way. For example, officers caught a troublemaker in the town’s skate park that would have never been recognizable with the analog system. The “Lightfinder” technology on many of the town’s cameras has allowed the BPD to use footage at night when incidents tend to occur with more frequency. Lightfinder technology is a combination of Axis’ expertise in image processing, in-house system-on-chip development and selection of the best optical components. By leveraging Lightfinder, the BPD could reduce costs because they did not have to add external and visible lighting to deploy the cameras. Future plans include outfitting the Police Station with new Axis cameras, as well as expanding the physical access control system.

Future projects are continuously advancing the BPD’s critical infrastructure. Plans include expanding to wide-angle and vandal resistant cameras in the lobby and stairwells of its station. As well, multi-sensor cameras on each side of the building will be deployed to grab a 4K resolution shot over a full 180 degrees. Finally, corner mount cameras will be deployed in and around the holding cells. The officers have further plans to set up monitors in the dispatch area to actively monitor and detect events that require their immediate action around town.

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