Why Start with Risk? A Facility Manager’s Opportunity to drive Value

Why Start with Risk? A Facility Manager’s Opportunity to drive Value

Within the building you occupy is the potential to create an intelligent, safe and secure building. One of our senior principals from ADT Commericial’s Enterprise Security Risk Group (eSRG), was able to address facility managers and executives at a International Facility Management Association (IFMA) education event last week. It was another great conversation that promises to advance the value of facility manager’s and their teams.

Leveraging the Differences

Leveraging the Differences

People see differently. Leadership is acknowledging the differences and leveraging them for innovation and change. We were challenged at The Great Conversation in Security to look around us. There is a rich ore waiting to be mined…. your people and the “different” ones you will hiring in the future.

Focus will drive Your Value

Focus will drive Your Value

What a privilege to see another Great Conversation take place in another part of the United States! Yum! Brands hosted the forum on May 21 in Plano, Texas. Over 125 attendees were able to walk away with a compelling leadership experience.

The following blog was written by the Managing Director of The Sage Group regarding one of our keynotes: the CEO of Yum! Brands. He energized our executive forum with profound business principles that can be applied to any business or security program.

You can read the blog directly at www.The-Great-Conversation.com/tgc-blog or hit the read more link below.


If you want to lead, you need to listen

If you want to lead, you need to listen

Are you an innovator? A change agent? Are your ideas mainstream? Tested? Validated?

Join us at The Great Conversation where risk, resilience and security leaders will be sharing their lessons learned in managing their programs, and thought leaders will be attempting to articulate a future that can be reached through effective leadership and execution.

Food Protection Top of Mind

Food Protection Top of Mind

Fear of terrorists using shipments of rock lobsters and other famous food exports have cause the Australian government to implement heightened security measures on their food industry. The food and logistics companies fear delays, spoilage, and major bottlenecks, as they rush to ship live seafood products globally. Joe Zaccaria, CFDC, provides some insights derived from an article on ABC Rural.

ASG Principal to Speak at Securing the Supply Chain Forum

Farm to Fork.png

Joe Zacarria, CFDC, Principal in the Enterprise Security Risk Group (eSRG) of ADT|ASG, will be a featured speaker at the “Farm to Fork” Securing the Supply Chain Forum in Walla Walla, Washington on October 26, 2018.

According to the Forum, Joe is “driving the innovation and optimization of Security Risk Management Services (SRMS).” SRMS is an industry category describing end-to-end risk, resilience and security services based on Enterprise Security Risk Management principles and best practices.

At the forum, Joe will be addressing the vulnerability of the food supply chain. He will be discussing the overall preparedness, response and recovery capability needed in the food industry. This is not only critical to the viability of the companies in the supply chain but also to the health of our state and nation. Walla Walla is known for its wine industry and Joe will be spending some time addressing the unique needs of this community in addition to his broader subject matter.

This will include an overview of how risk assessments and strategic security plans reduce vulnerabilities. Food safety is a specialized field. Joe has a CFDC certification, which translates into Certified Food Defense Coordinator.

As well, Joe is a Senior Fellow with the Center of Excellence for Homeland Security Emergency Management representing 34 community and technical colleges, public agencies and private sector organizations.

Registration for the conference is free. Please visit the Farm to Fork website registration

Sponsors include the Agricultural Center of Excellence, the Homeland Security Emergency Management Center of Excellence and the Global Trade and Supply Chain Management Center of Excellence.

"Trust is a Currency"...Well, Yes, But...


Of the last six projects I've worked on five have included some analysis work between a client and a service provider. Sometimes it’s an Integrator, sometimes a guarding company. One project had both. With one exception (a Bangalore-based Integrator) there were relationship dysfunctions between the clients and the providers with the clients believing the problem was the providers. My job, among other things, was to figure why the provider is "bad" and what should be done to fix it. As per the link below trust IS a currency, both gained and lost between two or more parties. The degradation of trust is almost always a two-way phenomenon. We all tend to see a two-way problem as being more of the other parties’ problem, especially where we’re paying them to perform.

In two instances I found the provider's behavior to be seriously problematic and the client's concerns more than valid. Indeed, their concerns underestimated the risks and impacts. However, in the three other instances the dysfunction was more equal: The Provider was as equally frustrated with the client but felt constrained due to the financial relationship and calling out poor client behavior could jeopardize the contract. In one instance, the client’s unhappiness was driven by non-security stakeholders and the Provider was trying juggle many unaligned client stakeholder expectations and manage perceptions! So, the provider’s own behavior exacerbated the client’s doubts.

There are a variety of techniques used to bridge gaps and mend fences where client and provider problems are concerned. The two questions I always ask first is “Do you want to fix the relationship or is it beyond repair” and “Are you open to feedback that, as a client, there are behaviors you need to change”. The answers tell me what to do.

Client and provider relationships ought to be built on trust; if trust is a currency then it has to have equal value both ways. The more openness to client/provider transactions - like services, feedback, and refining the expectations - the more rewarding the trust relationship becomes. Isn’t that what we all want?

Author: William Plante, ASP ITIL V3 , Senior Principal at Aronson Security Group

Note: William is a prolific author on LinkedIn. This was syndicated from his article posted on his site

Homeland Security Emergency Management announces ASG Principal as Senior Fellow


October 9, 2018, Renton, Washington. Joe Zaccaria, CFDC, Principal with the Enterprise Security Risk Group (eSRG) of ASG, was named a Senior Fellow of the Center of Excellence for Homeland Security Emergency Management (HSEM) this month.

As a Senior Fellow, Zaccaria becomes a member of the HSEM Training and Education Institute that works with the Center of Excellence to pursue knowledge and best practices toward building resilience in education organizations, business and government agencies, Washington State, as well as impacting the HSEM community nationwide.

“The appointment as Senior Fellow honors your achievements, contributions and/or service within your professional domain”, said the Director of the Center of Excellence of HSEM, Linda Crerar, MA ABS in a letter to Zaccaria.

“The Enterprise Security Risk Group (eSRG) is focused on creating a path to value for risk, resilience and security executives by combining our market research, best practices and risk assessment methodology with innovations in technology”, said Ed Bacco, ASG Chief Security Officer. “Joe’s experience in food defense, enterprise risk assessments and hazards mitigation planning will align with HSEM’s and eSRG’s purpose and community.”

Joe Zaccaria is a 30-year security industry veteran. He is a Certified Food Defense Coordinator (CFDC) and an authority in the areas of food defense, regulated industry security, corporate risk management, and threat, risk, and vulnerability assessments.


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State of the Market: Access Control 2018

State of the Market: Access Control 2018

SDM turns every year to industry thought leaders to understand the trends in our industry. We have provided an excerpt with a link to read the whole article. Phil Aronson was quoted in the article:

“The ability to aggregate the data, analyze it and turn it into intelligence that you can act on is the challenge. We see the emergence of a hub or platform that increasingly manages interoperable applications and sensors. Some of the access control vendors are beginning to position for just that.”