Company profile

The data center provided an array of services to Oregonians for more than 50 years:

  • Colocation Data Center
  • High Speed Internet
  • Cable Television
  • Mobile Broadband
  • Advertising Services
  • Business Lines & Internet
  • Managed Business Services

Location: Central Oregon
Colocation Data Center

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In 2010, an emerging cable company in the Pacific Northwest was building a state of the art LEED Gold-rated data center. It knew it needed to bring the same level of dedication and reliability it had extended to its other areas of business for this high profile project. Before ground broke the planning team knew that security would be of paramount importance for many reasons.

The data center would offer server colocation and managed services to businesses ranging in size from small to enterprise class. Physical security of the facility was imperative. A security system was needed that would protect the building, equipment and information from unauthorized entry and use, while upholding the building’s LEED design standards and maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance to existing and prospective customers.

The reputation and history of the company’s reliability was at stake; they could not afford to let service lapse due to a security breach. The information that would be stored in this data center facility would be mission critical to its medical, financial and web commerce clients. The data center needed a system and security model that was resilient and adaptable.

Beyond that, the security system had to meet it’s corporate objectives which included expansion to existing facilities; the system had to be scalable and flexible.

Recognizing the magnitude of this undertaking and determined to select a partner that could help them meet all their security objectives, they chose Aronson Security Group.

ASG was the perfect partner to help us design a security system for our data center. They helped us navigate through the options and design a comprehensive system that now operates just as we planned.”


ASG recognized that there were three key components that the security solution must include to meet the data center’s objectives:

SCALABILITY: the ability to rapidly scale to meet the growth objectives of the company

AVAILABILITY: the ability to ensure capacity as well as up-time for their client’s mission critical needs

MAINTAINABILITY: the ability to manage, maintain and measure the performance of the security solution

Once these objectives were identified, ASG entered into a professional partnership with the company to design a holistic security solution that would properly secure the state of the art building and meet the corporate objectives going forward. The first step in designing this security solution was an assessment. This would provide the baseline needed to determine a road map for implementation. ASG followed its path to value through the following next steps:

Assess what the security solution would need to encompass to meet the corporate objectives

Provide strategic options for meeting those objectives and fulfilling current gaps in performance

Provide an implementation strategy that conformed to the data center’s tactical and strategic timelines and budget while meeting corporate and risk mitigation objectives

The result was a unique security solution that would properly secure the data center, meet the corporate objectives of expansion and risk mitigation and provide their customers the peace of mind they needed.

The state of the art security solution and data center facility is equipped with:

Access control to manage entry and exit

A network based, digital video surveillance system which optimizes 24/7 live and recorded monitoring while minimizing staff requirements

Energy and space saving equipment conforming to the LEED Gold design standards

A redundant system that distributes points of failure to mitigate the impact of component failure, consistent with the facility’s Tier-III design

All of these advanced features are supported on a single integrated IP-based platform.


The result of ASG’s partnership with the data center was a holistic, reliable and scalable security solution that is aesthetically pleasing.

ASG was able to meet all objectives while reducing service demand as well as the total cost of ownership of the system. Perhaps most importantly, the company is able to assure its existing and prospective clients that their mission critical data will be secure now and well into the future.

Today the data center is able to articulate the following: “We provide flexible, colocated leased data center space to suit organizations from small and medium-sized businesses to enterprise-class companies. In addition to physical-server colocation, we have partnered with an industry leader to offer a comprehensive range of managed services. Our facility includes physical protection from a leading-edge security system as well as environmental monitoring systems. And finally, it’s all backed by a team of experienced and dedicated IT professionals staffing the facility 24/7/365.”