The ASG Path to Value

It's not only our methodology; it's our culture.

Our people know their roles within each process. Guided by a value of measurement and best-in-class tools, we've created the premier delivery mechanism for driving your security program performance.


Extraordinary Value Starts Where Risk Meets Opportunity

Business Baseline

Identify and measure your risk; design programs to help mitigate that risk


Our Enterprise Security Risk Group (eSRG) is staffed with a group of risk thought leaders and practitioners who:

Independently assess your risk and organizational alignment

Design a value-based security program and plan

Identify the people and process metrics that continuously improve your performance

Create the technology roadmap and metrics to optimize your people and processes

Provide managed services to augment your staff, your intelligence, and your reporting 

Development Engineering

Develop an architecture & A roadmap that

drives efficiencies, lowers cost, & mitigates risk.


Here we determine the realm of possibilities within the confines of your timeline, line, budget, and desired system performance.

We meet with your key business stakeholders to:

Define the security architecture

Develop standards that reflect your industry and organization

Deliver a detailed strategic plan that includes product and system options and identifies critical features needed to reach your goals

Design Engineering

After you have an architecture and roadmap, you need a project plan.


Your project plan starts with the design of the technology components you'll be implementing: access control, cameras, intrusion detection. Identify devices like readers, biometrics, and facial recognition. 

Design Engineering is focused on the detailed form and function of the security solution. We apply your strategic plan and technology architecture to create formal design and work instruction documentation— specifying what will be built and how it will be implemented. 


"If you consider your position to be strategic and your mission to be critical to the success of your organization, then you should follow a rigorous process like ASG's Path to Value."

Jeffrey Slotnik, CSO, Setracon

Program and Project Management

Disciplined teams that ensure performance

Frequent checkpoints allow you to stay up to date and simultaneously measure ASG's performance throughout your implementation. 

Our ASG Path to Value ensures you receive:

Experienced project managers in the disciplines of security, construction, and project management

Collaborative processes including budget development, project elements, and metrics

Scheduled communication with stakeholders

Delivery on time, on scope, and on budget



your project  On time and on budget


Site implementation and management relies on proven best practices to organize and measure the people, tools, and products.

Years ago, ASG developed a Global Security Network of implementation partners, certified to deliver within the ASG Path to Value methodology.

Our professional implementation staff is sensitive to your work environment and strictly adheres to all safety regulations and site rules. Their goal is to deliver the solution as specified with minimal impact to your operation.

Commissioning, Training, & Advanced Integration Services

Configure and optimize your solution 

The project isn't complete until our master-certified application engineering staff configure and optimize your solution. 

We can conduct detailed testing and commissioning on each system component and provide you with the associated documentation. And we can ensure that your end users and administrators are fully trained on product use, features, functionality, and support. 

Performance Management

Metrics-driven service and support

ASG knows that caring for our clients builds strong relationships. 

We deliver sustained support through our emergency service and proactive maintenance teams.

Finally, we design performance management programs that can include scheduled maintenance and testing, network analytics, and database tuning.

After all, security is knowing it works when you need it.