Demand for Security Risk Management Services (SRMS) Fuels ASG's Growth

Jennifer Perez
Public Relations for Aronson Security Group (ASG)

Renton, Washington – March 29, 2017 - Aronson Security Group (ASG) announced today the results of their entry into Security Risk Management Services (SRMS) in early 2016.

“Our expansion into SRMS was very natural”, said Phil Aronson, CEO of ASG. “Clients were demanding a new level of accountability linking the identification of risk with strategic planning, deployment, and performance management. As we advanced the concept of generating business value, this linkage became more and more critical to their success.”

As a result, ASG has seen significant top line revenue growth stimulated by the success of its new Enterprise Security Risk Group (eSRG) led by the former head of security at, Ed Bacco.

Since starting the group, Bacco has expanded eSRG with by adding more principals and analysts. “We have a very demanding scorecard before we engage a client”, said Bacco. “The elements of a guiding coalition must be present and willing to invest in the future value of the program. That future starts with a full understanding of the risks and their ownership inside the organization.”

According to Nigel Waterton, SVP of Corporate Strategy and Development, the introduction of SRMS has taken the conversation with ASG clients to the next level. “ASG is known for its investment in training”, he said. “But now we are helping our people understand how risk works and doesn’t work. Our clients are noticing. They are realizing deployment of solutions without a thorough strategic path to value, will only hurt them in the future.”

Waterton announced the following hires that have occurred in the last month as a result of ASG’s growth.

Dan Edwards, Strategic Development. Edwards once led the regional development of ASG’s Eastern Washington business before leaving to pursue an opportunity in the IT infrastructure market. “I came back to ASG with a new-found appreciation of the business vision and discipline that led to SRMS”, said Edwards. He will now lead corporate expansion of SRMS in Oregon.

Scott Kent, Client Program Manager. Kent was previously the General Manager at RFI. He has 23 years in the security industry. “The reason I joined ASG is the reality that our profession is rapidly changing and ASG is the leader of innovation and change in the security industry”. In his new position, Kent will orchestrate the SRMS resources of ASG to ensure the mitigation of risk and value generation of his client’s programs.

Cory Lasseigne, Manager, Enterprise Security Risk Group (eSRG). With 13 years of professional work and military experience combined, Lasseigne has managed complex projects and provided substantial improvements to processes and procedures, as well as collaborated with diverse departments, business units, or agencies to effect positive change. With a background in Nuclear Power Generation Facilities, Fossil Fuel Plants, Hydro, Wind Farms, and Geothermal Facilities, Lasseigne expands the breadth and depth of eSRG.  

About ASG

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