Transportation is a key pillar to a strong and vibrant city

The organizations responsible for identifying the needs of the community, drafting a roadmap that meets those needs, and deploying and managing the plan over time - all face similar challenges.

ASG provides value stream services to assist transportation organizations in identifying risks and opportunities for process improvement. ASG uses this information to create a roadmap for deploying risk, resilience, and security information management solutions. We take domain-specific tools like access control, video, critical communications, intrusion detection, and guard force management and integrate them into a common operating picture.

This picture is designed to optimize the value of the physical security transportation program as well as the mission of the transportation organization.

Hear from our customers

"With the help of ASG's Path to Value, we successfully upgraded our Access Control, Video Surveillance, and Video Management systems. Their process helped us create a solid security strategy for the future, based on what matters to our customers and us."

Teresa Overhauser
Technology Projects Manager
Spokane Transit Authority