In a Sensor-Driven World, Data is King

Information starts with data being aggregated, organized, stored, managed and finally, used for an actionable response that drives value to the organization. And at the center of this exchange is the data center. ASG is uniquely qualified to help guide the assessment and the road map to meet the growing demand for physical security appliances and software that will be needed to address the risk. ASG has a track record of delivering quality data center solutions around the world from the most iconic brands in the Pacific Northwest to the trailblazers in the east. From comprehensive and compliant multi-layer security control systems as well as global monitoring, perimeter fencing, laser detection, and RFID tracking, ASG combines strategy, design and program management to address the need.

Hear from Our Customers

"The data center has a significant role to play in a company’s overall data security. Whether colocation or on-premises, the data center must deploy physical and logical security as a key line of defense against data security breaches to be a true partner in protecting the organization’s mission critical assets."

Paul Fox, Aligned Data Centers