With so many moving parts, an enterprise-wide solution is vital to keeping track of the entire system.

Physical security for critical infrastructure can encompass anything from ports to public utility districts to public transportation. While most organizations are dealing with a known group of people in a limited area that change only slightly from day to day, critical infrastructure services face different users and transactions every day, even every few minutes, which are often spread over a large geographic range. This makes monitoring both assets and users a major challenge. Combine this with stricter government regulations and more frequent threats involving critical infrastructure systems and a strong need for a comprehensive security system becomes apparent.

ASG works with critical infrastructure security organizations of all sizes to increase security at port and airport facilities, transit hubs, even on buses and along roads and tracks. We recognize the unique challenges facing these types of installations and work with our partners to provide best-in-class solutions that take into account growth opportunities, budget restrictions, and the need for security in motion.

Solutions can include everything from cameras mounted on buses or along major routes to smart cards that work as a high-tech bus pass, ID and tracking systems, to perimeter and intrusion monitoring for electric and water sites, bus barns, train stations, airports, and port facilities. 

ASG has the expertise to help you determine a creative solution that covers as much territory as you do.

Hear from our customers


"To be prepared for the challenge in facing the mitigation of risk for our critical infrastructure, you must have a unique combination of skill sets around risk management, security master planning, security design that includes information management, and finally, the ability to sustain those solutions over time. "

—Lynn Mattice, Mattice and Associates