Hosted and Managed Services represents the technology and program management to drive security performance. ASG provides a suite of managed services that help navigate the innovations and operational changes that are required to optimize your security program.

  • Create a formal training program for your employees and contractors online, freeing up critical resources within your organization.

  • Monitor your network, searching for anomalies that may point you to future problems.

  • Persistently assess your program performance and use this baseline to design the road map that would be valued and respected by your organization and peers.

  • Provide a managed and/or hosted application service on a subscription basis or secure financing to address your capital needs.

  • Customize a multi-year proactive maintenance plan to ensure the performance of your technology and program.

Network Managed Services

We own two Network Operations Centers (NOC). From the NOC we can design, implement, install, commission, manage and monitor a separate IT network for your security applications.

We can also work with your IT resources to determine if partitioning your existing network to segment your critical business data from other functions is a better option for your operations. We can also help manage broadband connections.

When you leverage our NOC and have us manage and monitor your IT infrastructure you are able to:

  • Perform health checks of your IP-enabled devices on the network such as cameras, DVRs, and NVRs, hard drives sensors, card readers and intercoms.

  • Receive email and voice notifications of potential problems or data breach attempts

  • Provide data protection and disaster recovery

  • Receive remote repair or technician dispatch if a problem is discovered, such as a camera dropping off the network or unusual hard drive usage or failure

  • Monitor point-to-point tunnel, local site connectivity, and network up/down status

  • Provide monthly health summary reports, annual tests, preventative maintenance, audits and compliance tracking

  • Provide up-to-date firewall and anti-virus software since we will monitor for new releases and the latest patches as well as automatically install the new releases remotely

  • Monitor for cybersecurity threats including email breaches

  • Provide 24/7/365 visibility into your network

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Remote Video, Alarm, and
Custom-Designed Solutions

We have UL Certified Monitoring. With customer support centers across North America. Our National Operations Center and Monitoring Facility is in Irving, Texas. And we have disaster recovery monitoring in Wichita, Kansas.

These centers allow us to provide the following services;

Video Alarm Verification
This service helps reduce false alarm fees, unnecessary police dispatch and provides more information on the actual crimes in progress.

Video Assistance
This service helps provide a more safe and secure environment for your employees and customers through a remote video look-in capability and two-way audio.

Video Escorts
This is for employees who may have to open or close a business alone.

Video Guard Tours
This service helps reduce manned guard expenses with remote video tours of your premises.

Advanced Video Analytics
This service helps distinguish between humans or other activities to ensure proper responses.

Managed or Hosted Access Control
This helps deliver lower costs to organizations because no dedicated computers, databases, backup or special software is needed to secure the facilities.

Temperature Monitoring
This helps ensure that your refrigeration units remain within tolerable and acceptable range.

Monitoring of Access Control System Events
This service helps detect activities such as “tailgating”, expired credentials, or door-forced-open situations.

What are the Benefits?

Security is knowing it works

Managed Services can help deliver greater peace of mind in knowing that your security systems and components will operate as expected, are continually monitored, continually updated software, and bandwidth is managed. We help you manage the prioritized, intelligent responses to events and offer a flexible, efficient extension of your resources.

Managed Services also helps reduce costs associated with travel expenses, improves business processes, and helps to mitigate network security risks.

  • More cost effective solutions that help enhance traditional security measures

  • Physically separates networks when needed to protect critical data

  • Provides access to video for Loss Prevention and Security teams for remote investigations

  • Potentially lowers maintenance costs