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Conversations tagged as "People" focus on the individuals and leaders involved in security. These discussions will revolve around leadership, training, mentorship and the ways we organize the people in our industry or organization.

Conversations tagged as "Processes" focus on how to identify, accelerate, and drive efficiencies in security, not only inside our organizations, but, within the external ecosystem that can be leveraged to drive a higher level of response and value.

Conversations tagged as "Tools" focus on the technology integral to successful security solutions. These discussions will help drive new standards as well as identify emerging technology that can help redefine security and shape the future of technological development.

Performance Management
Conversations tagged as "Performance Management" will focus on successfully aligning People, Processes, and Tools to create and maintain peak performance in your organization. Key features of these discussions include: key performance indicators, metrics, service and maintenance, quality control, and reporting and management tools.

While most of the solutions, strategies, and ideas involved in the Great Conversation are scalable to apply to any organization large or small, some of these discussions focus mainly on topics that are most relevant to organizations with a global or national footprint. Conversations tagged as "Global/National" focus on topics that are most relevant to those organizations such as: planning for a merger, expanding beyond the building, managing multiple locations to a single standard, and creating leverage from a hub and spoke deployment.

ASG Security Summit & Expo
Be part of all the great conversations surrounding the annual ASG Security Summit & Expo through the ASG Great Conversation Blog. This topic includes posts tied to the themes, solutions, technology, and ideas presented at the Summit.