What is Your Globe?

Posted on Tue, Aug 07, 2012

Global Risk NetworkIn March of this year in Seattle, The Great Conversation had a keynote speaker who asked a compelling question: "What is your Globe?".

His name is Bill Raisch. He is the Director of the International Center for Enterprise Preparedness (InterCEP) at New York University. As well, he is the force behind the Global Risk Network, a coalition of mulit-national corporations who have combined forces to prepare, manage and respond to risk and security conditions around the world.

This new initative grew out of an awareness that many of us have come to whether we are in business or security; and with the pace of change, we cannot do it alone.

In his keynote, Raisch points out the need to reach beyond your own perspective and resources and establish your own 'globe' of contacts that will help you form the risk intelligence, processes and procedures, guiding coaliton as well as the technology architecture, that will help your organization succeed.

And Raisch points out, the bottom line definition of success in this regard is the merging of two terms: risk and reward. "Looking at uncertainty and identifying the opportunities you might not have seen," said Raisch. "The combination of the two drive the organization forward."

Raisch also pointed out that technology has matured to the point that it gives us the opportunity to construct and leverage our 'globe' at a much higher level. The platform his Global Risk Network will be using is SharePoint, a portal technology platform from Microsoft that is also being used by General Dynamics Information Technology, Aronson Security Group, and OR3M to create a common operating picture, coordinated response and organizational intelligence and communication for their clients.

The 'imperative to collborate' to meet the demand for organizational performance and the mitigation of risk is pulling a diversity of organizations, skillsets, and roles together into this Global Risk Network. Financial, insurance, manufacturers, retail, government and NGOs are all participating. They have created a body that can plan in peacetime and respond during situtational events. They can also benchmark approaches that have worked, and expose the things that have not worked, 'all within a trusted network.'

Constructing a 'globe' view of the ecosystem that drives your performance is also the goal of the Global Security Network, an emerging collaborative network of risk and resilience consultants, product manufacturers and integrators that have agreed to share information and intelligence as well as resources toward the end goal of creating a common operating picture for their clients.

Whatever form it takes, creating a force multiplier in your relationships toward a common goal of uniting risk and reward is an imperative in a rapidly changing world.

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