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ASG Security Alert - Supply Chain


WarehouseSecurity now, more than ever, is being asked to weigh in on business strategy and execution. Risk is risk. How risk is addressed can not only mitigate but, with proper strategic positioning, enable market advantage.

Take for example the recent floods in Thailand and Asia, and the previous devastating earthquake and resulting tsunami that hit Japan.

This has had an impact on the global supply chain involving some of the largest names in information technology. As a result, what technology you can purchase and install within your security architecture may change.

And wouldn't you know it? Supply and demand issues couldn’t have come at a worse time! Here we are in the middle of the holiday rush as well year end and the entire supply chain of Dell, HP and other computer and hard drive storage suppliers are putting all of us on notice.

One example: Some of our suppliers are forecasting a potential cost impact of up to 20% per terabyte of data storage short term.

What is our response? ASG will hold its pricing on all current proposals through the end of December and then revisit the situation. Stay tuned to this blog for updates as we proceed through this crucial fourth quarter.

One final thought. Risk: it even impacts the security product supply chain. Where else are you seeing this occur in your organization? Are there steps you have taken to mitigate the impact of situations like this?


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