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Cloud Corner


By Shayne P. Bates, Microsoft Global Security

CloudKeyboardIn an era of rapidly escalating change, innovative enterprises adopt cloud technology to enable business transformation and realize new efficiencies and capabilities never before seen. A leader in safety and security, Microsoft Global Security leverages cloud technology to empower its people and processes. We deliver a safer, more responsive and efficient service to nearly 200,000 employees, vendors and partners worldwide in 700+ locations, whether on travel or a Microsoft campus. Better still, as good citizens in the security and technology community, we share our security practitioner expertise and experiences to enable others to be more effective in their security cloud initiatives.

Please learn more by watching the Microsoft Global Security Operations Center Video

I am posting this on the ASG Blog and as a thread on the Great Conversation in Security Linkedin site to begin to answer questions and provide insights on our experience with the cloud in security.

We also look forward to providing insights at the ASG Summit on March 6 in Seattle.


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