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The New Performance-Based Security Program: Implementation


By The Sage Group

In our last post, we discussed several topics relating to metrics. The three questions we addressed were:

1. How do you determine what to formally measure?
2. What value does security get from investing in metrics?
3. What value does the organization get from investing in metrics?

Today, we would like to discuss implementing a performance-based security program. Now that you know what to apply metrics to and the benefit of that, let’s take a look at how to implement the practice.

The New Performance-Based Security Program


By The Sage Group

The Professional Services Group (PSG) of Aronson Security Group asked us to comment on four questions related to metrics. Since creating, measuring and accelerating value is our focus, we were happy to oblige. Here are the four questions:

  1.  How do you determine what to formally measure?
  2.  How do you collect, understand and report on those metrics?
  3.  What value does security get from investing in metrics?
  4.  What value does the organization get from investing in metrics?

One Size Does Not Fit All: Access Control


By Steve Lowrance, ASG Application Engineer

In many facets of the world today, there is a perception that one product or solution is just as good as another and can be made to fit all of your needs.  With enough options, one widget will perform just like another.  In the world of Access Control solutions, this is just not the case.  You have decisions to make about the specific functions you need such as N-man rules, anti-passback, first card unlock, video integration, and the list goes on. 

A Seat at the Table

Modern Boardroom

By Phil Aronson, CEO of Aronson Security Group

As most of you know, I believe that trust must be earned.  I have built a company around that premise and I have challenged our employees and our partners to translate this into their strategies, tactics and metrics.

The Security Executive Council recently sponsored a forum within the Security Technology Executive magazine.

The Metric Problem


By ASG's Professional Services Group

You need data!  You need data more than you think you need data.  Without it, you can’t make educated decisions.  How do you know that is the best direction?  Why?  Can you back that up?  What is your source?  Your organization is going to ask these simple questions when you are determining the best course of action for a potential project or program.  If you are simply going off a guess, then failure is crouching at your door.

How to Approach Implementation


By Robert Birley, Director of Engineering for ASG

When asked how he would tackle the implementation problem, Robert Birley, the Director of Engineering for ASG gave his insight and expertise into how to manage expectations, create a clear project, program and process to ultimately implement the plan!

What is the first thing you do when approaching a project?  Begin by reviewing what you created to get the project approved.  What factors were you trying to resolve?  Did you hit each of them during implementation?  Be sure to list out the risks that will be resolved and identify any business risks while the project is underway.  Finally, determine timelines and work on internal customer communications so that your staff knows who, what, where, why, and when.

The Implementation Problem


By ASG's Professional Services Group

You were able to get your project approved!  Your presentation was accepted!  The funding has been approved!  All of these statements are good in and of themselves, but we have all been there after these words have been announced.  The reality of actually having to do what you say you are going to do and make it successful becomes reality.  Put the PowerPoint slides away and get ready for the rubber to meet the road – implementation!

The Tool Problem Has an Answer

Keyboard Solution

By Scott Schmidt, VP of Engineering & Professional Services

I took the challenge from our Professional Services Group to answer the probing questions around an approach that might help security professionals choose the right solution, or, a set of tools used for a measurable process by people with definitive roles and responsibilities.

The following are the questions and my answers:

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