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The Tool Problem


By ASG's Professional Services Group

If your company is anything like ASG then you have people continually knocking down your door wanting to sell you the latest gadget or application. I am going to guess that they all aptly explain why you need their shiny application and what problem it can solve in a two minute elevator speech that blurs your vision.

But the real question is: do you need it? What critical business function will it solve? Is that business function critical to the success of your organization’s product, service or procedures?

Process and the Security Organization


We had Ron Worman from The Sage Group interview the Global Security Manager of Mentor Graphics, Robert Klohr, to understand his perspective on ‘The Process Problem’

An Interview with Robert Klohr, Global Security Manager of Mentor Graphics.

Mentor Graphics® is a leader in electronic design automation. They enable companies to develop better electronic products faster and more cost-effectively. Their innovative products and solutions help engineers conquer design challenges in the increasingly complex worlds of board and chip design.

As a result, since 1981, Mentor has built a billion dollar company, with over 70 offices worldwide.

Within Mentor is a security organization that has been transforming itself over the last 10 years. Robert Klohr is a key leader in this organization providing a critical role in the security ecosystem both inside Mentor Graphics and within the security industry. Mentor encourages him to work with his service and technology partners to provide them insights into the unique needs of a security organization. By taking the time to do this with partners who want to listen, he has helped improve their responsiveness and their value to Mentor.

The Process Problem

Process Chart

By ASG's Professional Services Group, ASG

Your organization runs by the processes that are developed by security executives/managers like you. Some of them are cultural (this is the way we always do things) and some of them may be documented in writing and stored. Hopefully they are stored somewhere easily accessible by the people who are involved with those processes such as a SharePoint site or a pre-defined location in your corporate database.

Your standard operating procedures (SOP) are dictated by these processes. Without SOP guidelines anchored by core processes and metrics, you are hoping for results, not proactively managing to them. 

Leading Change with Purpose and Integrity

John Wooden

By Phil Aronson

One of my favorite men and mentors is John Wooden who not only happened to be a great leader, but a pretty good basketball coach as well.

Wooden was called the "Wizard of Westwood" in part because he won an unprecedented ten NCAA national championships in a 12-year period. During this time he won seven in a row as head coach at UCLA. During this winning streak his team won a record 88 consecutive games.

The People Problem


By Professional Services Group

Ah… people. They are what make your organization successful! Without people you have little chance of achieving your goals, let alone changing the industry. The problem is, more often than not, people aren’t valued. The work people do is often overlooked; what organizations typically focus on are the end results.

The Business Problem

Problems Solutions

By ASG's Professional Services Group

How is security viewed inside your organization? If you could walk around and ask 10 employees why you have cameras or these badges that you swipe to gain access to doors, what would they say? I am going to guess the answers would vary - SIGNIFICANTLY. This leads us to the first problem in our series: “The Business Problem" and the information that you need to answer it.

Defining an Organization’s Problems: A Series to Help Solve Them


By ASG's Professional Services Group

Your organization is changing quickly. You have problems. Some of them seem small, while some of them seem quite large. Politics, budget, management, wrong people, technology, processes, metrics and ROI questions are crouching at your door. You have a choice as a manager: ‘Do I engage in these issues and, while painful, attempt to fix them, or do I simply turn my head and pretend they don’t exist?’

The next seven weeks are all about the problems you are facing and how you can overcome these problems with a little bit of wisdom, some collaboration and some of the best subject matter experts (SMEs) the industry has to offer. They have seen the problems and they have dealt with the organizational issues that are picking your group apart. And, surprisingly, they don’t have all the answers either. What they do have is situational awareness and experience of working through a process to get to the answers. As well, they have the stories to back them up. Stick with us as we interview these professionals, seek their counsel, and provide you some ideas that may impact change within your own organization.

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