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Security's Business is the Business


Every Year I feel blessed.

As I reflect on the past year, I am once again reminded of this 'fabric of trust' that is unique to our industry.

Every day, each of us in the security industry wake up to find ourselves with a very special and humble role: to protect lives, protect the core assets of our organization, and, through our strategic and tactical efforts, increase the ability of our organizations to achieve their strategic objectives.

Security's business is the business.

Translating the Language of Compression

Video Compression

By Kevin Klemmer, Pivot3

The IP surveillance market grew immensely over the past decade with many new players emerging and traditional CCTV manufacturers expanding into networked technologies. With the avalanche of new companies and technologies cascading over the industry, there is no wonder there is confusion surrounding the proper configuration of networked-based security technologies, and what is necessary for a successful and reliable deployment.

One Size Fits All?

electro-mechanical locks

The new approach to the door opening that is changing the industry.


By Martin Huddart, Vice President, Electronic Access Control for ASSA ABLOY

We live in a world of constant change. The security industry is no exception.  Every day decision-makers are faced with not only ensuring the safety and security of personnel and property, but are also required to achieve new compliance standards, without the necessary budget or additional resources to do so.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Rodney Bosch from Security Sales & Integration about the growing medium security market that’s changing the industry as we know it. In the article, Cracking the Electric Lock Marketplace, we discussed the benefits of electro-mechanical locks and how they’ve become a new player in medium security access control.

Looking at the big picture, access control allows us to enforce policy through technology and apply it on a sliding scale. This means that we don’t have to apply a one size fits all model, especially when many of the openings are non-traditional (non-door) openings.

This sliding scale can be explained by a security technology continuum that illustrates the full range of options, from patented key systems to full-featured, online integrated locksets with many options in between. This allows a facility to upgrade padlocks and gates to support audit and centralized control of access as well as extend the security envelope to include, not only perimeter doors, but interior doors as well, that were typically too expensive to include in traditional access control.  

I believe the middle of this continuum, or the medium security segment, is the fastest growing segment in the industry. A broad suite of products has become available; from $200 mechanical locks up to $3,000-$4,000 online access controlled openings.  

We have found that integrators and end users are seeking assistance with the specification and product selection to meet the right level of security. This assistance would include combining components, leveraging existing network infrastructure, and emphasizing convenience features to create the perfect fit for medium security.

An example would be a facility manager looking to update the openings in a few remote locations that lack an existing wired infrastructure. Old mechanical locks can be replaced by electronic locks and cylinders at a very affordable price, and fulfill new security mandates for industries facing new regulations. This doable upgrade results in a higher level of key control, forensic audit data and boosted accountability. Finding a team to work together to ensure that your needs are properly assessed, products are benchmarked against that need, and, finally, configured and installed properly is paramount.

It would be interesting to hear from you on your experience in dealing with medium security needs and approaches you have taken in response.

Next Generation Security Leader


"Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming."
John Wooden

We are honored to be able to pass on to you a unique opportunity. We were asked to identify current and future leaders in security that could benefit from an innovative new program from the Security Executive Council (SEC): Next Generation Security LeaderTM

Video Optimization and Cost Reduction Drives George Mason Univ. Surveillance Decision


By Arecont Vision

Located in the heart of Northern Virginia's technology corridor, George Mason University is one of Virginia's fastest growing higher education institutions with four campuses and 35,000 students.

Introducing Physical Security Cloud Services


By Shayne P. Bates CCSK, CPP, CHS-V, DABCHS

Without question, we are highly dependent on computing technology to be effective security practitioners. Without it, even with reduced capacity, our effectiveness to manage enterprise risk is significantly impacted. Therefore, doesn’t it make sense to explore how we can optimize our effectiveness as security practitioners through the use of technology?

What does cloud computing mean to the business of physical security, what are the opportunities, and why should I pay attention?

A Generational Change is Underway (again)
The generational change in computing that occurred when technology transformed from mainframes to PCs and servers had enormous economic implications: most mainframes were rendered a relic of a bygone era due to their need to be optimized for efficiency because of their high cost. Mainframes were quickly replaced by distributed storage and compute, which was optimized for agility due to the low cost. The explosion of networking and bandwidth helped fuel a whole new era in which inexpensive operating systems were licensed perpetually, replacing the legacy model of high upfront costs for hardware and software.

High cost necessitates efficiency and low cost enables agility. We are constantly reminded of this principal as we discard our gadgets in favor of new ones that are smarter, cheaper and faster. Gone is the notion of repair when tempted by the economics and promise of something better and almost immediate.

Today, we are seeing the explosive scale-out of large data centers with commodity hardware, which is an order of magnitude better in efficiency and agility.

ASG Security Alert - Supply Chain


Security now, more than ever, is being asked to weigh in on business strategy and execution. Risk is risk. How risk is addressed can not only mitigate but, with proper strategic positioning, enable market advantage.

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