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Thanksgiving Message from Phil Aronson


Recently, I participated in a pot luck event inside Aronson Security Group celebrating Thanksgiving. All of our people brought special dishes to share during lunch and we all sat down to commune together and share what we were thankful for. 

Many of the thanks were written on the white board of our executive briefing room and some were just shared between us.

Why is Holistic Design and All-Hazards Risk Mitigation Important?

WireframeBuilding SM

By Eric David Scott, ASG Account Executive

At ASG we are hosting a forum around the Architectural, Engineering and Consulting (AEC) Industry to discuss the collaboration of diverse disciplines around whole building design including security. This recent post from one of our ASG Professional Services Consultants is timely and valuable for those involved in this industry.

Some of the issues discussed in our forum have included:
• Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
• Identifying and achieving effective coordination between related section trades
• A model code for security:  when will one be written?
• Specifying and enforcing quality assurance requirements
• The Designer’s Guide to the Security Galaxy:  The Definitive Design Practitioners Handbook

We are looking for interested parties, both end users and AEC providers, to weigh in on this discussion. We encourage you to participate by commenting on this blog below or joining us in The Great Conversation in Security LinkedIn Group.

Cloud Corner


By Shayne P. Bates, Microsoft Global Security

In an era of rapidly escalating change, innovative enterprises adopt cloud technology to enable business transformation and realize new efficiencies and capabilities never before seen. A leader in safety and security, Microsoft Global Security leverages cloud technology to empower its people and processes. We deliver a safer, more responsive and efficient service to nearly 200,000 employees, vendors and partners worldwide in 700+ locations, whether on travel or a Microsoft campus. Better still, as good citizens in the security and technology community, we share our security practitioner expertise and experiences to enable others to be more effective in their security cloud initiatives.

I Need Someone Who Knows the Questions I Forgot to Ask


How to Qualify the People who Walk in Your Door
By James Whitehouse, ASG's QRT Manager

So many times we see customers who fell for the line, “yeah we install access control” or “there’s nothing to installing cameras” or they fall for the lowest bid trap. There are many reasons for different costs on a security project, but many times people think that all installations are created equal and nothing could be further from the truth. There are 3 major areas of cost on a security project: Technicians and personnel, engineering and equipment.  

What is the Conversation You're Having in Your Security Department?


By Geoff Kohl, Editorial Director/Associate Publisher, Cygnus Security Media &

Is it a small conversation? Is it the usual chatter about who has time off coming, or whether we’ll have funds to add more lighting for the cameras at the loading dock? Is it about whether you’ll have to cut overtime to trim funds this quarter? Those are the conversations that must happen. If they don’t, the little details aren’t taken care of and little problems become big issues.

The Right People, The Right Information, Right Now!


The IACP as a Proof Point for an Optimized and Integrated Security Platform

Since its formation in 1893, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) has met annually to share insights, learn about promising practices, and discuss up-and-coming technology. Each year thousands of law enforcement executives come together to continue this tradition by attending training sessions, networking with peers, and exploring a state-of-the-art Exhibit Hall.

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