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Why is Holistic Design and All-Hazards Risk Mitigation Important?

WireframeBuilding SM

By Eric David Scott, ASG Account Executive

At ASG we are hosting a forum around the Architectural, Engineering and Consulting (AEC) Industry to discuss the collaboration of diverse disciplines around whole building design including security. This recent post from one of our ASG Professional Services Consultants is timely and valuable for those involved in this industry.

Some of the issues discussed in our forum have included:
• Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
• Identifying and achieving effective coordination between related section trades
• A model code for security:  when will one be written?
• Specifying and enforcing quality assurance requirements
• The Designer’s Guide to the Security Galaxy:  The Definitive Design Practitioners Handbook

We are looking for interested parties, both end users and AEC providers, to weigh in on this discussion. We encourage you to participate by commenting on this blog below or joining us in The Great Conversation in Security LinkedIn Group.

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