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The Customer is King


By Debjit Das, Vice President of Global Marketing, Verint Video Intelligence Solutions

For the security industry, a fluctuating economy, high customer expectations, and tight margins make it essential to identify new ways to increase productivity and reduce risk and costs.  Integrators, resellers, and manufacturers seek to enhance their core competencies, while increasing agility and competitive advantage. In today’s market, solution-oriented, value-added selling is key to viability and growth.

I Need Someone Who Knows the Questions I Forgot to Ask


How to Qualify the People who Walk in Your Door
By James Whitehouse, ASG's QRT Manager

So many times we see customers who fell for the line, “yeah we install access control” or “there’s nothing to installing cameras” or they fall for the lowest bid trap. There are many reasons for different costs on a security project, but many times people think that all installations are created equal and nothing could be further from the truth. There are 3 major areas of cost on a security project: Technicians and personnel, engineering and equipment.  

The Right People, The Right Information, Right Now!


The IACP as a Proof Point for an Optimized and Integrated Security Platform

Since its formation in 1893, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) has met annually to share insights, learn about promising practices, and discuss up-and-coming technology. Each year thousands of law enforcement executives come together to continue this tradition by attending training sessions, networking with peers, and exploring a state-of-the-art Exhibit Hall.

How Much Are You Worth?

Measuring Value

According to the U.S. Bureau of Chemistry and Soils, the human body is made up of 65% Oxygen, 18% Carbon, 10% Hydrogen, 3% Nitrogen, 1.5% Calcium, 1% Phosphorous and traces of 15 other elements. What is the value of these elements on the open market? Less than $1.00. But are you really worth less than a dollar? That depends on how you calculate value.

Improve Communication with Your Boss to Get the Budget You Need

Communicating with your Boss

As the economy begins to rebound and businesses are beginning to loosen the purse strings again, now is an important time to begin preparing for the inevitable shift in focus from cutting cost to improving performance. As the focus of your company’s C-suite (think CEO, CFO, CSO) begins to shift, will you be prepared to champion your ideas for security improvements and acquire the budget and resources you need to prosper?


Are You Leveraging the Power of Your Peers in the Security Industry?

Leveraging the Power of Your Peers

At the ASG Security Summit & Expo in March 2010, we introduced you to the concept of increasing your own value and the value of the security industry as a whole through the Great Conversation. At the Summit, we brought together hundreds of security leaders from around the Pacific Northwest to engage in a conversation focused on physical security that included end users, security directors, manufacturers, security consultants and integrators. The participants were able to learn about some of the major trends in the industry and their input helped influence some of the security industry's top thought leaders.

Best Practices in Security Design

Best Practices in Security Design

By Eric David Scott
As any security executive who has been involved in the design and construction of a new facility knows, effective physical security design for a new facility requires the consideration of a multitude of human, physical, geographical, spatial, and logistical factors. In fact, these factors are so varied, numerous, and prone to change that it is nearly impossible for most architects and designers to keep up with them as well as focus on their trade. In situations like this, best-in-class architects and designers get help by consulting security specialists for the development and production of the security design.

I'd like to share a few best practices that best-in-class architectural firms implement in order to assist their clients in taking advantage of the full potential of their architectural design and provide enhanced security to the organization.

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What Will Your Role in Enterprise Security Risk Management Be?

What will your role in Enterprise Security Risk Management be?

Many security stakeholders are aware of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) which analyzes and seeks to mitigate the risks that an organization faces such as financial, strategic, and accidental risk. Unfortunately, ERM traditionally neglects risks associated with security. Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) is a methodology that exists to ensure that these risks are properly considered by an organization.

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Interview with Francis D'Addario, Security Executive Council and ASG Security Summit Keynote Speaker


By Ron Worman, The Sage Group

Welcome to the ASG Security Summit & Expo: The 'Great Conversation'



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