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Future Proofing Video Surveillance


Future Proofing Video Surveillance at Orange County Convention's 2.5 Million Square Foot Facility

The Orange County Convention Center (OCCC), located in Orlando, Florida, is the nation's second largest convention facility and a world-class destination. The complex is comprised of two separate buildings connected by a 1,500 foot, open-air bridge with moving sidewalks across International Drive.

OCCC sought to increase the effectiveness of their surveillance operations by replacing its analog cameras and video encoders with superior performance IP cameras. During an extensive camera evaluation process, Manny Rustia, MIS Analyst for the OCCC, and his colleagues narrowed the choice down to cameras with resolution above 3 megapixels with H.264 compression and day/night capabilities as a way of “future-proofing” the system. “Arecont Vision was the hands-down standout based on megapixel quality and price,” said Rustia.

Cost Savings: A Perspective From Your Installation Team

Cost Savings

By James Whitehouse, ASG's QRT Manager

Many of us can remember a time when we didn’t have, or really need a cell phone. Can you imagine life without one?! Many of the technologies that we count on everyday seemed like just a convenience (and sometimes even a waste of money) at the time we first bought them. Now we can’t live without them. This seems to be true of most companies’ initial dive into the realm of security electronics. Whether they start with cameras, access control or even an alarm system, they purchase them thinking this will be a convenience for the company and its employees and soon learn just how invaluable these systems can be. They start small and as they learn the benefits that the systems offer, they expand the systems over time. This is the point in the lifecycle of their security implementation where many companies unwittingly begin to cause themselves undo heartache, stress and money.

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