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Your Security World is Flat and Changing

Flat World

By Ron Worman, The Sage Group

The Great Conversation, hosted by Aronson Security Group (the ASG Summit and Expo) in March of 2012 featured a keynote from Mike Howard, the CSO of Microsoft Global Security titled: Why the Cloud Changes Everything.

We are offering a truncated version of his speech to those who were not able to attend. I thought I might provide some highlights to look for as you view it.

Jumping into Security's Value Stream

ASG Security Summit

Continuing the Conversation

Every year at the ASG Summit, The Great Conversation presents a 'State of the Industry' panel to discuss events that may lead to significant breakthroughs for the security industry stakeholders. (Watch video excerpts from the State of the Industry panel here)

Security's Future is in the Cloud

Security and the Cloud

By Mike Howard
GM, Microsoft Global Security
CSO, Microsoft Corporation

Keeping the facilities and people of a company like Microsoft safe and secure is no easy task, but thanks to Microsoft technologies, Microsoft Global Security has an effective, cost-efficient and highly scalable way to do just that.

Introducing Physical Security Cloud Services


By Shayne P. Bates CCSK, CPP, CHS-V, DABCHS

Without question, we are highly dependent on computing technology to be effective security practitioners. Without it, even with reduced capacity, our effectiveness to manage enterprise risk is significantly impacted. Therefore, doesn’t it make sense to explore how we can optimize our effectiveness as security practitioners through the use of technology?

What does cloud computing mean to the business of physical security, what are the opportunities, and why should I pay attention?

A Generational Change is Underway (again)
The generational change in computing that occurred when technology transformed from mainframes to PCs and servers had enormous economic implications: most mainframes were rendered a relic of a bygone era due to their need to be optimized for efficiency because of their high cost. Mainframes were quickly replaced by distributed storage and compute, which was optimized for agility due to the low cost. The explosion of networking and bandwidth helped fuel a whole new era in which inexpensive operating systems were licensed perpetually, replacing the legacy model of high upfront costs for hardware and software.

High cost necessitates efficiency and low cost enables agility. We are constantly reminded of this principal as we discard our gadgets in favor of new ones that are smarter, cheaper and faster. Gone is the notion of repair when tempted by the economics and promise of something better and almost immediate.

Today, we are seeing the explosive scale-out of large data centers with commodity hardware, which is an order of magnitude better in efficiency and agility.

Cloud Corner


By Shayne P. Bates, Microsoft Global Security

In an era of rapidly escalating change, innovative enterprises adopt cloud technology to enable business transformation and realize new efficiencies and capabilities never before seen. A leader in safety and security, Microsoft Global Security leverages cloud technology to empower its people and processes. We deliver a safer, more responsive and efficient service to nearly 200,000 employees, vendors and partners worldwide in 700+ locations, whether on travel or a Microsoft campus. Better still, as good citizens in the security and technology community, we share our security practitioner expertise and experiences to enable others to be more effective in their security cloud initiatives.

The Tool Problem Has an Answer

Keyboard Solution

By Scott Schmidt, VP of Engineering & Professional Services

I took the challenge from our Professional Services Group to answer the probing questions around an approach that might help security professionals choose the right solution, or, a set of tools used for a measurable process by people with definitive roles and responsibilities.

The following are the questions and my answers:

A New Script for Jack Bauer's "24" - the Virtual SOC


By ASG's Professional Services Group

Fade in:  Unknown location

Jack Bauer quickly runs down a hallway chasing someone in a dark blue suit, gun in hand.  

Jack:  CTU, this is Bauer, where is this guy headed?

CTU Analyst:  Bauer, this is CTU, suspect moving towards the ammunition dump. 

Zoom in: CTU Analyst’s fingers on the keyboard

Span up: to view the blip on the screen moving through a building.

Span out: to full room to show the large back lit screen on the wall ahead where everyone else in the room can see the situation as it transpires. Typing feverishly, she provides Jack with more information about the missing warhead from a screen on her desktop that can access procedures, radiation detectors and a myriad of other applications all at once.
-End Scene

ISC West - What Did You Gain From This Year's Event?

ISC West 2011

A recap of ISC West from Nigel Waterton, Director of Business Development

It was a great show this year! There were lots of new products and solutions showcased. Traffic was high as well as the energy from sponsors and attendees alike. Now that I have returned to my desk & gathered my thoughts, I want to share some of them with you.

What Are the Top Security Trends to Watch in 2011?


This year's Summit, as in past years, was about conversations.  Whether it was peer to peer, speaker to sponsor or host to attendee, conversations about our industry was a crucial point to the day's agenda. 

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