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Filling the Gaps in Security Information Management

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There has been a debate within the industry for some time now over what exactly constitutes a true security information management solution. Everyday, security personnel at organizations both big and small are bombarded with data from the security devices they use, be it alerts from video analytic software monitoring surveillance feeds or alarms triggered by intrusion detection sensors. While having more data to work with can be a good thing, the challenge comes in being able to aggregate all of this information into actionable intelligence.

How CSOs Can Effectively Influence the C-Suite

2013 Great Conversation


Senior security leaders from organizations across the country gathered this week in Seattle for the annual ASG Security Summit/The Great Conversation event to learn about the challenges facing their peers and to share industry best practices. The theme throughout the event centered on what security executives need to do to get a seat at the table with decision makers within their companies and how they can prove the value of their department to the C-suite.

Are "Do-It-Yourself" Security Entrance Solutions Cost Effective?

Boon Edam Security Portal

By Boon Edam, Sponsor of the 2013 ASG Security Summit & Expo

We recently met with a Fortune 100 company who had constructed their own man-trap style security vestibule at the entrance to a data center. They figured it would save them money, but it ended up being ineffective and a constant drain on resources.

Delivering Security Value through Mobility


Smart Phones, Mobility, and how we got here.

By Microsoft Global Security, Co-host of the 2013 ASG Security Summit & Expo

It wasn’t that long ago that landline phones were the primary tool for communication. The answering machine was a device that we would call, to play back messages when we were “out of office”.

How Much Money Can Controlling Something as Simple as Keys Save You?

Traka Keybox

By Traka, Silver Sponsor of the 2013 ASG Security Summit & Expo

Universities/Colleges generally have a large number of keys, ranging from buildings and vehicles, to filing cabinets and lockers.  The value of each key depends on what it controls and varies in value.  However, sometimes it’s not the key’s physical value and what it controls that is the big cost, it is the time required to control access to it.

Smaller Cities Thinking Big Surveillance


By Francis Lachance

Most of us have read about London, Chicago, Toronto and recently, New York implementing massive city-wide platforms. But what I find interesting is that more and more smaller cities are beginning to disprove common misconceptions that implementing city-wide surveillance requires the backing of massive budgets or large homeland security grants. With recent advances in computing power and IP/telecommunications technology, it is becoming easier for the suburban, less-populated municipalities to deploy cost-effective and reliable crime-fighting platforms.

Make the Case! MP Cameras Capture Essential Images at New York Police Station

PoliceBy Arecont Vision, Platinum Sponsor of the 2013 ASG Security Summit & Expo


The Police Department of Monroe, New York is a fully staffed law enforcement agency that is committed to providing the town’s residents with the most professional and courteous police service possible. In addition to a chief of police, staff includes supervisors, a patrol unit, a detective unit, communications (dispatch) and support personnel. The Town of Monroe, New York is located in Southern Orange County and in close proximity to the metropolitan New York City area. The town, which is named after President James Monroe, consists of three villages – Monroe, Kiryas Joel and the majority of Harriman, which it shares with the Town of Woodbury.

A Model of Security Leadership

daddario francis

By Sage Conversations. Featured on

published a Sage Conversations column in October entitled "Be a Leader," which examined the conversations I have with executives this time of year. The fourth quarter is usually a period of budget and operational planning for the New Year. We also begin to take stock on the key performance metrics we had originally targeted. We gauge whether those metrics helped us understand how our people, processes and tools were performing against those core indicators of value that are critical to the organization.

And that is the rub. What does our organization value in us and the operation we lead?

Francis D'Addario, an emeritus faculty member of the Security Executive Council, has been dealing with that question since his days as a security executive with companies such as Starbucks and the Southland Corporation. He is well- known in the industry for his thought leadership in cross-functional protection and profit improvement methodologies.

D'Addario's answer might surprise you because it starts with leadership.

"Lasting organizational certainty and resilience depend on persuasive board level risk mitigation, but it requires the tools of leadership to achieve it," said D'Addario. "By aligning leadership with continuous solution improvement you enable any mission or strategic plan. It is arguably the new price of admission for both organizational business and all-hazards risk mitigation leaders."

Ensuring Security's Value as an Organization Enabler

Next Generation Security Leader

By Francis D'Addario, CPP, CFE
Emeritus Faculty Lead, Strategic Innovation, the Security Executive Council

Security’s organizational value starts with risk mitigation performance.  Community and organizational risk resilience is enabled by proven and sustainable security practices.  Tangible and intangible security value perceptions principally rely on our ability to cost-effectively identify and mitigate known and evolving hazards.   

Tangible or “valued-business-partner” judgments are qualified and typically measured when we manage injury and asset loss mitigations within budgetary constraints.  P&L-neutral or better results begin to grow security’s value equity.  That’s when our return-on-investment (ROI) is 100%; for every dollar invested, we return a dollar in prevention, injury or asset loss avoidance, optimized costs or assets recovered.  Our equity grows with net contributions (more than 100% ROI).

The Great Conversation Launches its 2013 Theme

ASG Security Summit & Expo

Leadership, Resilience, and Metrics redefine 'Integration'

Aronson Security Group and The Sage Group revealed the preliminary line-up for 2013 The Great Conversation in Seattle hosted by the ASG Security Summit & Expo.

The Great Conversation has become a who's who event for the risk and security community both in the Pacific Northwest and North America.

This year's theme is Redefining Integration through Leadership, Resilience and Metrics.

As well, a special organizational resilience management (ORM) lab will be offered at The Summit. The focus will be on provisioning leadership with an organizational resilience management approach that integrates the standards, protocols, metrics and professional disciplines of organizational resilience management within your technology architecture.

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